Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 1 by Ashley (Arriving to Puerto Plata)

So today was the start of our journey. I say “journey” because it is going to be something different and new for all of us. We had a great flight here, kind of long while you were actually on it, but it was a great view down below. Once we got closer you could actually see all of the Dominican Republic from the window. (Don’t forget to look at the pictures they are really cool.) We arrived at our destination here at about 10:30AM I believe and then went through the airport luggage and all those processes.
Along the way we met up with 9 other students who are from the New York area. Being as social as we are, we made friends and got along very easily (another picture to look at.). After all of the processes and finding everyone’s luggage, we got on the bus that would take us to Puerto Plata. The drive took about 2 hours but it was very beautiful and scenic. Last but not least we got to our place of stay, which may I say is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. Right on the beach and we have our own pool and jacuzzi - it truly is breathtaking.

Today being our first day was kind of a chill day for us. We got to just relax at the pool or beach and talk to one another. After dinner is where our journey started to come into play. We were assigned our groups and projects for the week, sounds like so much fun! I’m in group A, Energy. Our job throughout the trip is to look at how energy is used and how it differs here from home. Our first exploration here is to climb a mountain called Brison. About a one to two hour hike of fun to reach a little village, eat lunch and meet kids who live up there. I can’t wait. Anyway that’s a little bit for today but there will be more tomorrow. Come back to see how our hike goes!!

 bus ride from the airport

 view from our dining hall

 Ashley and Kyla taking a long walk on the beach

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  1. oh so jealous! That view from your dining hall is tremendous. I went on this trip last year, and I have a serious itch to return to the northern coast of the D.R. The people we interacted with were some of the best I have worked with to date, and the energy of that northern coast was energizing.
    -Mr. H