Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 2 by Uyen (Hiking up Brison Mountain)

Today is the first day of actually getting “down to business.” The whole group had to get up by 7:00AM, have breakfast and getting ready to hike up the mountain (Brison.) I was assigned to be in the Energy group, so my job for the day was to explore energy during the hike and try to relate it back into our discussion at the meeting. Right after breakfast we were sent off in a bus with 27 people and started heading down to Brison.

After an hour and a half ride we arrived at the bottom of Brison. Before we actually started to hike, we were waiting for the group to get themselves together. As we starting to hike up the way to get to Brison’s peak, everyone was really energetic. Personally I was really excited to finish the hike, however as we started to hike about 1/3 of the way there the sun came up and it was getting really hot. But along the way we also learned a lot of things about the village. One of the most interesting things I learned during the hike was how the people in the village have to hike about 2-3hours down the river to get water for their family. Normally the kids would be the one to do the water job which is really depressing because they have to waste their time hiking for water instead of being in school or at home helping their family. By the time we go half of the way up the mountain most of the people just wanted to give up and leave, it makes me think about how the people live there have to deal with it everyday because I personally could not take it and wanted to give up.

After reaching the top of the mountain the whole group felt really proud and happy that we successfully finished the hike. The people that live around the mountain were really happy and friendly. Everyone was so welcoming and excited about our visit. It was a great experience and we learned so much just in one day. We are about to have dinner and get ready for tomorrow at Asuncion, stay tuned to see our day at Asuncion camp. 

 Climbing climbing climbing

 Celebrating a view of the ocean and the coast (photo from the top of Brishon mountain)

 Ashley will not be happy about this photo but she'll REALLY be unhappy about...

 ...this one. (Perdóname, Ash.)
 We enjoyed a lunch prepared by a family living at the top of Brison.


  1. Hello, crew!

    So far I've read that two of you are in the "Energy Group." Organizing each other into focus groups is a great way to guide your ovservations throughout each day to add insight to your discussions each night. What have you learned about how they use energy?

    What are the other groups?

    Each picture is breathtaking, by the way! I love the sunset picture posted from day one :)


  2. Uyen,

    I missed out on that hike last year and I still regret checking out the northern coast on that day of the trip. Very proud of you for not giving up on the hike. Seems like you were motivated by the reality that they face every day for something we take for granted. Great pics.