Monday, April 25, 2011

Final thoughts from Uyen

Spring break trip to the Dominican Republic trip with the Global Leadership Adventures was one of the most memorable experiences for me. Being one of the students attending a high tech school and one of the teens that is ignorance to the resources I have access to, this trip brought me to a whole new level of understanding. I started out on this trip as a typical American teenager who I wouldn’t call myself a brat but as a person who take advantage of all the resources that I have access to without acknowledging it. However, during this journey, each and every single person that were a part of the program and the culture of this program had brought a lot of attention to my own knowledge. Not only that the journey open our eyes to a whole new custom and culture, but this journey specifically open my eyes to a whole new understanding of sustainability. The one thing I’d say I got out of this trip is to thankful for what I have and try to maintain what I can. My first goal after this trip is to try to limited my water access. Water is one of the main thing that everyone need access to and because in first world country like America, we are abusing our access to water. Starting from the week after this trip I'm going to start cutting down on leaving water running when not using it and wasting water on unnecessary uses. Also beside trying to change my poor wasting habit, I'm now in the process of being a full vegetarian. I want to dedicate my personal changes to the community and hoping that the small changes I made will help change the world in the run. 

This is my favorite picture, not only because it brings back memory of us working on the house but this picture also show how much we all want to get involve and be a part of a project. The picture simbolizes strength and team work which is a value each and every single person need to have in able to help one another change the world. 

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