Monday, April 25, 2011

Last words from Kyla

This voyage to the Dominican Republic really has changed my life forever. The first thing this trip did was broaden my horizons. Before the trip I had never been out of the United States. It gave me an opportunity to see firsthand how other people lived in a world completely different from mine. It also opened my eyes to a myriad of different things. For example the woman, Maria, who lived in El Barrio seemed to be a very happy woman. Every time I saw her she was smiling, laughing, or playing with her grandchild. Despite the fact that she had a rotting house, no indoor plumbing, and no clean water she found time to smile. She made me realize that material things seriously can't provide happiness. People in America, including myself, worry about the wrong things and those things detain us from true happiness.

This trip made me think my life over and decide that I need to make changes. The first and biggest change I want to work on is saving energy. When you live in a place for a week around many people who don't have energy, you realize how much you waste. I want to and will make my life more sustainable and I'll start by making small changes in my everyday life. My second goal would be to help out more people like Maria, especially children. It warmed my heart to see the locals smile. If I could make them smile all the time I wouldn't complain about anything. I want to make a difference in this harsh world and I'm going to start now.


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